Social Media Icons

A social media management solution.


Whoever your customers are connect with them.

Social Media Icons can be connected up to 50 accounts.

14 day free trial

with no payment details till you purchase.

and only £9.99pm/£99.99py for it all recurring. (Offer till 01/04/17)


Create awesome image posts

Even a dull photo can look awesome with a few minutes work in our Visual Composer tool.

Saves your time

Easily find relevant and engaging content, create high impact image posts with zero Photoshop experience and schedule it all in advance.

Performance measuring

Manage, monitor & schedule content to all your social accounts in one place with a single login. Find which posts got the most clicks, likes, shares and comments.

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An awesome social dashboard

A social media management platform that makes all your social media upkeep easy and fast. In 10 or 20 minutes you can easily schedule a week's worth of engaging content.

Simple to use

Within minutes of using our dashboard you will be up and running. We also provide training material and 24/7 support.

Easy to set up

Just register and add your social accounts its that easy. Try it out for yourself it's free.

Make your posts count

Find relevant and engaging videos, news and content which can all be scheduled with just a single click.


All your posts scheduled for next month today. You no longer have to be tied to your desk waiting to post at just the right time.


Find new and relevant content by searching YouTube, Google news, Facebook, RSS feeds and trending content all on the dashboard.

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Awesome Features

Taking the stress out of social media, making it more effective

& freeing up your precious time.

Visual Composer

Get your posts to stand out, it only takes minutes. To make your posts look fantastic you will have access to templates, image search, stickers, logos and your own uploaded material.


Post at the right time to catch your audience even if you are asleep.


Social Streams

Monitoring all your social media accounts can be very time consuming. With social streams you can see them all in one place and respond without leaving the dashboard.


Find out what has worked and what hasn't quickly. You can check over the last 30 days to see which posts enaged with more of your customers.